Why Test Drives are Important

Would you ever buy a designer label gown without trying it on? Not.
There is reasoning that suggests this to us, because humans, in general, would not invest their money, especially when it’s a lot. On the other hand, if the investment is going to be for about 10$, we wouldn’t bother that much. We all go shopping in flea markets where the trial room is your mental image, because a physical room where you can try it on, doesn’t exist.

Now think about a brand-new car, that is going to cost you at least $10000. You have gotten the reviews, you have done the research, you have asked your father, you have asked your techie friend. You have done all in your power to get hold of that one car that you think is THE CAR. 

When you step into the dealership, and you see that car, the one that you have dreamt of, for real, you sort of forget about everything else. This is when the salesperson with a bit too much of charisma appears and tries to charm you into offers. Since you have already been charmed by the car, and the salesman, you no more feel the need to conduct a test-drive, especially because you cannot wait to have this car in your garage!

Don’t fall into the trap.

Getting a test drive is one of the most essential steps that a to-be-car owner. This will give you full and complete information on what you like and what you hate in your new car. This will also help you decide whether you want to deal with the things you hate, and whether the most liked features are as good as they seemed online.

Here are a few things you might want to tap into knowing:

  1. Comfort
    Are you tall enough for the level of the seat? This one is especially for shorter people who want to own a car. Realistically, you need to sit on the driver’s seat and see if you are seated comfortably and are not obstructed. The same goes for extremely tall people who want to buy smaller cars. We have had cases where the person would keep hitting the ceiling of the car! These might sound trivial to you, but when you must deal with it every day, it becomes a part of your life.
  2. Space
    Do you have two kids? Three? Do you own two dogs? A dog and a cat? Or living alone but always carpooling with three of your roomies? Whatever your situation might be, space in your vehicle is always important. Unless you are single and usually do not have many people or much stuff to carry around. Also, if you are someone who likes sports activities or camping, you might want to have enough space for your camping goods or sports equipment as well!
  3. Ground Clearance
    If you don’t check out the ground clearance of the vehicle at the bottom of the car, you might end up with a jerk at every speed bump. I have personally witnessed so many cars in Christchurch bang against the speed bump, or the way into parking, because of how low the clearance was. Consider where you live and what kind of places you usually travel to, if it is usually hilly areas with not very good roads, then pick otherwise.
  4. Interiors
    Do you like the vibe of your car? If you don’t feel good being inside your car, if it’s too bright for you or too dull of you, you can always check out other options that allow you to modify some of your car. Everything inside including the seat covers can be changed, but it will cost you extra money.
  5. Entertainment System
    Especially for drivers who commute to work for more than 15 minutes, alone. You will need some form of entertainment for yourself to keep yourself awake at 6 in the morning. In the meantime, also check for a mug holder, charging ports, other safety equipment, etc.
  6. Driving

One of the most important ones! Sometimes I hate a car not because of anything else, but because of how it feels to drive it. You might know what I am talking about if you have tried different cars and analysed the driving. Some cars are much smoother than the others while a few are steadier than the rest. What is your type? Choose wisely.

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