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Get Cash for Cars Christchurch Wide

When you choose Kiwi Cash for Cars you choose an optimal way to sell your car. We pay instant “cash for cars” up to $8,999 for any make & condition, coming to you to inspect and remove your car in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Call 021 837 591.

We Pay Top Cash for Your Car of All Conditions

Our maximum top dollar quote is $8,999 cash for any make & condition of a car, truck, Ute, Jeep, 4×4, van, bus, motorcycle, and SUV. Kiwi Cash for Cars is the experts in the industry that will buy your car whether it is in scrap, used, wrecked, salvaged, fire, flooded, accident, damaged, rusted, old, or unwanted condition.

At Kiwi Cash For Cars, we believe that selling your car should be fast and easy. No more lowballers, wasting your for weeks only for someone to offer you less than ideal prices for your car.

That’s why we offer you our very simple, very fast and very profitable car buyer service. All you have to do is to contact our experienced buyers, accept our offer, and have your car sold! We will come to your doorstep, inspect the car, make the payment and leave with the vehicle! Selling your car has never been this easy.

On top of it all, you will get free towing if necessary!

Selling your used car can often be draining. There are so many ways and places you can purchase and sell an unwanted vehicle. Used car owners are often puzzled as to which path to take.

The most convenient way to sell a used vehicle will differ according to every individual and his or her circumstance. The make, model, and condition of the vehicle itself may also play a significant part in the decision process.

Below are some of the options a used car owner may go about selling their vehicle depending on the vehicle.

Kiwi Cash for Cars is an Eco-Friendly Wreckers & Recycler

Your car’s condition may be a total loss, but it still has a great deal of value when Kiwi Cash for Cars is in charge of its disposal. We are car wreckers and recycler that pull all working parts, dismantle vehicles and recondition and recycle the car. With our expertise, you have a car disposal that is environmentally friendly and one that leaves you counting up to $8,999 cash.

Cash For Cars Christchurch



Kiwi Cash For Cars is the quickest when it comes to inspecting your vehicle and making the payment for it. As soon as you accept our offer, we’ll usually pick up your car within 24 hours! Being quick and on point is what we pride ourselves with, and we’ll make sure to adapt to your needs.

You can either call us on our phone number or fill the form with some details to get a quick quote. Rest assured, we will never offer less than our initial quote given that your car is as you described it.

Our company is fully licensed and insured – our experienced team will not disappoint you.

We Remove Cars for Free Anywhere in Christchurch

Kiwi Cash for Cars is a leading old car removal company in Christchurch that provides free car removals to car owners ready to sell their cars to us. Our courtesy removals are provided at times convenient for our customers. We are a removal company that works for you to provide:

  • Instant cash quotes & payments – We will provide you with an instant quote for your car for sale, and make a cash payment on the spot when we arrive to inspect and remove the car. Our cash quotes are obtained over the phone and online.
  • Free car removals – With prompt car removals at times of your convenience, you don’t have your day wasted. Car removals are scheduled once our quote for your car for sale is accepted.
  • Cash payments up to $8,999 – We pay you cash on the spot, up to $8,999 for any make and condition of a car.
  • Free car recycles – We are eco-friendly car recyclers that recycle cars for free, making you a cash payment up to $8,999.
  • car wreckers – We pull parts, dismantle wrecked, accident, and damaged cars, and put up to $8,999 cash in your hand.
  • Free paperwork – We provide all legal paperwork while you provide us the title for your car.

At Kiwi Cash for Cars, we provide you with the best way to sell your car in Christchurch

Our partner in Brisbane Swift cash for cars is also buying unwanted cars across Brisbane regions.

  1. Contact our appraiser for a quick quote. You will need to provide the appraiser with the make, model, year, and condition of your car. Please be as descriptive as possible with its condition.
  2. Accept or reject our offer.
  3. Schedule a free car removal.
  4. Count your cash.

Please have the following prepared when we arrive:

  • Your car parked in an easy to access area
  • Your photo ID
  • The title for your car
  • The plates for your car removed

For an optimal way to sell your car, we are the top choice. We are the professional buyers that pay instant cash for cars of all makes & conditions.

Gather more information on our car removals by giving us a call at the number below or filling out our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page. A quote for your car for sale will be provided within minutes. A quote that values your car up to $8,999 cash.

Fast sales for older or damaged vehicles

If your used car has run its course, and the cost of its repairs and maintenance is going to cost you more than you would like, then selling it to the wreckers is probably your best option.

At Kiwi Cash for Cars, we will pay you cash for your unwanted vehicle. It doesn’t matter what make, model, or condition your vehicle is in, if you don’t want it. we will happily take it.

We will come to you no matter where you’re located and pick up your unwanted vehicle free of charge- while you walk away with cash in hand and hassle-free.

When you call us on 021 837 591, it’s important to be as detailed as possible about the condition of your vehicle. This will help us give you a more accurate quote for your vehicle.

If you want to get rid of your damaged or used car quick and easy- then we offer same day pick up in some cases. Just pick up the phone and speak to one of our qualified and friendly staff members now.

Easy sales for undamaged used vehicles

For those used vehicles that are still safe to drive and have plenty to offer- scrapping them may not be the best choice. If you haven’t the time and energy to advertise and deal with potential buyers, then selling your used car to a dealership may be your best option.

Selling your car to a dealer will get rid of your unwanted vehicle quickly and will get you cash in hand as well. It would be a good idea, however, to do a little research on the value of your vehicle before you take it in.

Dealers almost always offer a lower than market value on used vehicles when purchasing them. It’s up to the owner to bargain their way up to a fairer, more acceptable price. So, practice your bargaining tactics and do your research before making the sale.

Private sale

If you would like to sell your vehicle privately either online or by word of mouth, then be prepared to put in the time and effort such sales require. Selling a used vehicle, yourself often requires servicing, deep cleaning, and minor repairs to be made on the vehicle before it is put up for sale.

Private sale often requires you to take pictures of the vehicle from different places and angles. These pictures are then uploaded onto the ad. Potential buyers will then contact you for more information or to see the vehicle.

Depending on demand and how appealing the vehicle appears, your used car can be off your hands within a week.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Call 021 837 591 or submit an online inquiry. Our team will get back to you with a price and if accepted we’ll organise the pick up, payment and paperwork.

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    Customer Reviews

    I had a used car that I couldn’t get sold. A friend suggested Kiwi Cash for Cars. I called for a quote and was shocked. The price they had to offer was higher than most of the prospects that came to look at the car. I quickly accepted the offer, and just as quick they were to me with the cash in their hands to buy & remove my used car. Great company, wonderful service. Thank you, Kiwi.

    Victor Z.

    I would have never expected a car removal company to be so professional. Kiwi Cash for Cars provided me a quote over the phone, and the price quoted for my old Toyota, Corolla was one I quickly accepted! When their technician arrived to buy and remove the car, I didn’t expect such a courteous fellow. He was polite and professional, and thorough. All paperwork was provided by the technician, as well as a cash payment. Leaving me just as they advertise, counting my cash!

    Sara W.

    My used utility vehicle had been on the market for months. Aside from a few low ballers, there was no interest in the truck; A friend suggested that I contact Kiwi Car Removal. The company was quite impressive. No run-arounds for a fair price and they were quick to arrive to buy and remove the truck. Great people, great service!

    Tom F.

    Our 2004 Toyota Corolla was completely totalled in a car collision, and the thought of receiving cash for the car didn’t occur to me. When researching the best way to dispose of the car, we heard about Kiwi Car Removal. We called for a quote and was surprised at the price quoted. We agreed to sell the car to Kiwi, and they were quick to provide a free car removal and cash payment. Our experience with Kiwi was exceptional.

    Aaron T.