Looking for Used Tyres for your Car? The costs of car tires can be quite high. Especially when you choose A-brand tires . Of course new tires are better and you can expect a longer life than used tires. But that doesn’t mean that second-hand tires are not good, in many cases it is a very smart purchase. Many car tires that have driven less than 25,000 km are still of excellent quality.

Kiwi Cash For Cars has a stock with a range of second hand tyres available for all makes and models. We can provide you with second hand tyres from popular brands including Maxxis, Mickey Thompson, Lassa, Hifly, Yokohama and more. Contact us to find the perfect tyres for your car and we will provide you with the most ideal set based on performance, weather conditions and other key features!

By being one of the largest second hand tyre sellers in Christchurch, we offer affordable high quality tyres. We have thousands of used car tyres to fit your needs.  Whether it’s your work UTE, family sedan or 4WD, we will provide you with the right tyres at affordable prices. The complete address to buy used car tyres Christchurch.

Used Tyres

Buy Used Car Tyres Christchurch

All our used tires are thoroughly checked for quality by our experienced staff. If a tire does not meet our strict requirements, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. We only stock tyres that are fully functional free of any faults. All second hand tyres that we sell come under warranty.

High quality control on used car tires

A tyre is checked for at least the following points of attention before offered to our customers:

  • The tire must not have any damage where the carcass or canvas is visible.
  • The band must not have any bulges.
  • The tread of the tire must not contain any elements that could protrude while driving.
  • The band must not show any drying out.
  • The tire must be neatly worn straight and must not have any braking spots or other strange wear spots.

Kiwi Cash For Cars is open 6 days a week. This means that from Monday to Friday, without an appointment, you can visit our warehouse to look for new tyres.

Alternatively, you could contact us over the phone and we will answer your questions.

Buy Used & Cheap Car Tyres Christchurch

We have a large stock of used tyres that creates a selection of cheaper, quality tyres for your car. Why pay more than double for new tyres when you can get tyres almost as good, much cheaper?

Whether you are looking tyres for your car, 4WD, or family car, we can provide you with the right choice. On top of used tyres, we also sell spare parts for all makes and models at very affordable rates.

You buy a great product and enjoy the ride every time you get behind the wheel. After all, our goal is to enable every customer to drive confidently and safely. We pay particular attention to a thorough check for wear.

Each used wheel is checked at the stand during selection. We carefully monitor the correct storage of wheels. In our warehouses, certain parameters of temperature, humidity, wheel position are maintained. Proper and careful storage of rubber in a tire warehouse is our second important trading principle.

Kiwi Cash For Cars is a customer oriented team that will guide you throughout the tyre buying process. With our expertise and experience, you will find the right set of tyres for your car without hurting your wallet.

Tire quality is the most important criterion for the safety of you and your loved ones on the road. It is the tires that determine the car’s handling, braking distance and grip properties.

We offer you only high-quality used car tires with a minimum level of wear. Our clients appreciate in us the high professionalism of our staff in the selection of tires and an individual approach to each customer.