Are you looking to replace your car battery and need an affordable option? Kiwi Cash For Cars will help you find the specific battery for your needs at an affordable price. All you need to do is contact us and tell us what make, model vehicle you have. Call us on 021 837 591. or contact us through our website. We are the best address to buy used car battery Christchurch.

Save Money Buying Cheap Car Battery Prices

It is never a bad idea to save money on anything you purchase. Little amounts may not seem to make a difference but in the long term they will add up. Buying car batteries is no different, you can save money doing so. Brand new batteries will be too expensive compared to used but still quality functioning batteries.

There are many types of different car batteries for a variety of makes and models. Each battery will have slightly different specifications which may be confusing for first time buyers. At Kiwi Cash For Cars, we will provide you with the expertise required to find the perfect battery for your car.

Buy used car batteries Christchurch

At Kiwi Cash For Cars, we offer you affordable car batteries for your vehicle. Our batteries are of impeccable quality and we stand behind our words. Almost twice as cheap as new batteries, our used batteries are practically no different from a new one. Well worth buying, used batteries won’t hurt your wallet.

If you come to your yard and buy a used car battery from us, we can also install it for you. From guiding you to the ideal battery to installation, we will look after you. All our used batteries are quality checked and refurbished.

High Quality Reconditioned Car Batteries

There are few things to look at when buying used car batteries. The most important one is whether the battery has been left to sit without any use in a long time. This causes batteries to leak and make them faulty. However, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our batteries are made sure to be 100% healthy. We never store batteries that are too old and we get rid of them immediately.

The used batteries that we offer to our customers go through reconditioning and quality checks to ensure the 100% functionality. Anything less than perfect is not put on the selves and is recycled. We offer all the major and other battery brands to our customers at Kiwi Cash For Cars. With our expertise and experience, you will find the battery you need.

We offer all the popular brands including but not limited to:

  • Everstart;
  • DieHard;
  • AutoCraft;
  • Interstate;
  • Nascar Select;
  • Duralast;
  • NAPA;
  • Bosch;
  • AC Delco;
  • Optima;
  • Exide;
  • Duracell.
Used Car Batteries Christchurch

An old battery that is leaking or faulty will cause problems in your car. For a well-functioning and stable car, you need to have a high quality battery in there. At Kiwi Cash For Cars, we will help you to replace your car battery for an affordable price. Our used car batteries will make sure you have budget left for other necessities of your car.

Kiwi Cash For Cars is operating normally but with caution during the COVID-19 and guarantees you a safe car sale. We abide by all the social distancing and safety rules during the process and make sure all involved parties are safe. Quickest, most efficient and safest way of getting cash for your car.


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