At Kiwi Cash for Cars, your car removal is always complimentary! We are your car removal company that buys your car for up to $8,999 cash regardless of its condition! Our company offers you an optimal way to sell your car in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Have you got an old 4×4, SUV, car, truck or van that’s taking up valuable space on your driveway or hard standing? Many people have a vehicle that’s just not cost-effective to repair, or which they’ve been unable to sell. Left to rust, these vehicles do little more than clutter up space.

If you’ve got a vehicle that you really don’t want any more, our car removal service in Christchurch could be just what you’re looking for. No matter what type of vehicle you’ve got, we can come out and take it off your hands. We will even pay you for the privilege of taking it away!

Car Removals

Exceptional Car Removals Service & Get Cash in return

There is no need to look elsewhere. With Kiwi Cash for Cars, you have a removal company that is ready to buy & remove your car. We provide car removals that are quick and convenient, and always free.

Whether your car is deteriorated to the condition that it needs to be disposed of, or you have a used car that needs a few repairs to resale the car, we will buy it. We buy all conditions of cars, including scrap, used, wrecked, accident, fire, flooded, salvaged, damaged, old, and unwanted.

We are the car buyer in Christchurch that you can count on to buy your car of any condition for top dollars.

We Remove Cars for Free from Any Christchurch Regions

When you sell your car to us, you get a free car removal anywhere in Christchurch. Whether your car has broken down on the side of the road and you don’t want to go to the expense to have it towed and repaired, or its sitting in your yard at home inoperable, we’ll make you an offer and come to you to buy & remove the car. Our courtesy car removals are quick and convenient and leave you counting up to $8,999 cash.

Particularly when your truck or bus isn’t roadworthy, working out quite how to get rid of it can be a challenge. Luckily, we will take your vehicle from wherever it’s parked up.

There’s no need to drive it to us. Our tow truck can access almost any location across Christchurch, while our advanced hoisting equipment enables us to safely lift vehicles of all shapes and sizes onto our truck.

We can remove cars in any condition – just call us and we will be happy to come out and tow your old car or van away.

An Eco-Friendly Car Disposal at Own Wrecking Yard, Christchurch

Car DisposalWith Kiwi Cash for Cars, you have an eco-friendly car disposal. Our policy is to wreck and recycle cars, 4x4s, trucks, vans, SUVs, buses, Utes, Jeeps, motorcycles, and 4WDs. We are a wrecking & recycling company with a state of the art facility and expert wreckers & recyclers that ensure our customers have more than an Eco-friendly disposal. We ensure our customers get the most cash for their cars.

No need to pay a removal cost

If you think of any other piece of junk in your yard, you normally need to pay someone to take it away or take it to the tip yourself. Not when it comes to vehicles! One call is all it takes for us to come out with our truck and take it away for you. We don’t charge for our collection service. We do all the challenging work, as well as giving you hard cash in exchange for your vehicle. What’s not to like? Call us now for your FREE car removal.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Kiwi Cash for Cars, you choose an expert in the industry that makes good deals on cars of all makes & conditions. We are your car buyer, wrecker, and recycler all in one stop. Our cash offers are provided over the phone or online, so you don’t need to bring your car to us for inspection.

With our buying system, you have a quick and convenient sell.

  1. Contact us for a cash quote. We provide quotes over the phone and through our online “get a quote” form located at the top right of this page. We will require the make, model, year, and condition of your car.
  2. Accept or reject our offer.
  3. If you accept our offer, tell us when you’d like us to arrive to buy & remove your car, paying you cash on the spot!
  4. Count your cash.

We are your removal company that provides an optimal way to sell your car.

Car owners selling their car to us will be required to provide us with the title for the car or its scrap certificate. With older cars we can accept the car’s registration; however, you will be required to provide your driving license. If you are based in Sydney then simply call our associate car removal Sydney for the best deals on your vehicle.

For a quick quote for your car for sale and to schedule a quick & convenient removal by calling us at the number below. Quotes are also provided through our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

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