Where to Scrap Car for Money in Christchurch

There are some car owners who do not wish to sell their scrap car for a variety of reasons. Some have plans of restoring and rebuilding their car when the time is right; or perhaps it’s got a sentimental value for the owner.

Regardless of the reason for not selling, keeping your car for too long will only make you lose money. The most valuable parts of a car are the components that degenerate the fastest. When these parts become obsolete, the scrap car buyer won’t be offering much for your otherwise valuable scrap car.

There is a general belief that scrap cars have no market value and owners abandon them most of the time for this reason. Contrary to common belief, scrap cars do have value and if you know what you are doing, you can get cash for scrap cars. If you are looking to scrap car for money, this guide will help you get started.

Scrap Car For Cash in Christchurch

Selling a scrap car privately is not a viable option because most private buyers are looking to buy road–worthy cars with minimal damage both cosmetically and in the engine bay. However, you can still scrap car for money in Christchurch. All you need to do is contacting a scrap car buyer in Christchurch. Such services pay cash for scrap cars regardless of their make or model. By providing your vehicle’s basic details such as make, model, mileage and condition, you can get yourself a sweet cash deal.

Kiwi Cash For Cars is one of the scrap car buyers in Christchurch. If you are looking to scrap car for money, we might be the destination for you. Here is how you scrap car for money:

  1. You can either give us a call on 021 837 591 or fill the contact form on your website. By providing details about your car you help us to give you the most accurate quote.
  2. It’s entirely up to you whether to accept the offer or decline it. However, if you accept it, we will then arrange a date and time for the pick up of your vehicle.
  3. We will arrive at your location and after making sure everything is right, we will pay your cash on the spot and remove the vehicle. You will also receive a free car removal service.

How much money do I get for my scrap car?

This depends on the condition of your car. Although scrap car buyers will pay cash for any car, the amount depends on the popularity of the make and the model. Scrap cars are usually parted out and still usable parts find their way to wreckers. Naturally, there is more demand for more popular models hence the more value.

Scrap your car for money and profit

If you are looking to maximize your profit from your scrap car, we have some tips for you. One of them is making sure to keep all the components intact. What we mean is, the more usable parts your car has the more value it will bring. When your car contains reusable parts such as tyres, engines, water pumps, alternators you can negotiate a higher price for your scrap car.

Quick way to scrap car for money

During the pandemic many car owners have decided to sell their least used or scrap cars for more valuable cash. Needless to say, getting cash for scrap cars has become so much easier with the help of Kiwi Cash For Cars. In just 3 easy steps you could receive your cash for scrap cars. Contact us today and within hours we will be on our way to you.