The Best Time To Sell Your Car in New Zealand

Parting with your old trusty car is a difficult enough decision but selling it will be another ballgame. Like all smart decisions, selling your car is also not one to be taken lightly. Even a cursory understanding of the car market will tell you that there are one too many factors that affect the successful negotiation of a car sale.

The most vital factor or one that you have most control over is the timing. Timing your car sale can be the thin line between turning a profit and amassing a loss. While there aren’t many ways to determine the perfect time, our expert advice should get you started.

No Time Like The Present

The pandemic brought with it a number of different issues, for auto fiends the biggest roadblock has been the global chip shortage. This has not only indefinitely delayed the release of new vehicles into the market but helped create a seller’s market.

Chances are that you won’t get a higher price for your old car than right now, since buyers are desperate to get their hands on a good car in a drivable condition.

However, if you are looking to offload your car and purchase a new one, we would have to advise against it. The chip shortage is bound to affect you as well, so if your car is an absolute necessity for you and you can’t afford to wait – selling your car immediately might not be the best strategy.

Tourists Are Here

The good news is that after a long period of being closed off from the world, New Zealand is now open to tourists. People who are travelling across the country over a few months are usually looking for a low priced car. This car will also have to reliably keep them on the road. If that is what you’re selling, you should look to list your car before spring.

Hordes of tourists arrive starting in spring and stay on till early summer to soak in the breathtaking sights. They do so to enjoy the abundant sunshine the country has to offer. September will be the right time to start listing if you are looking to offload this kind of car.

Don’t Wait Till Christmas

When we think of Christmas, a lot of things come to mind, what doesn’t make the list is finalising the sale of a car. No one wants to be thinking of buying a new car or dealing with paperwork during the holidays.

People would rather be off celebrating with a hearty family lunch or enjoying a day on the beach. You can expect this mood of relaxation to continue well into January. You will earn minimum gains if you try to make a sale during this time.

If you wait until the holiday season to sell your car, the chances of meeting the right buyer is close to nothing. However, the few weeks leading up to Christmas are absolute gold especially if you are selling a mid-priced car.

Families are more indulgent with spending their money during this time and looking for something they can gift themselves. They might also be looking for a trusty car that can handle the road trip back home. Early December is a great time to sell mid-priced, well maintained cars.

The Other Factors

There are of course a number of times that are more opportune than others throughout the year. However, a lot of this is dependent on your car. If you are looking at selling a luxury car or sports car, they are less likely to be affected by the cycles. A successful sale of such a car would be dependent on an accurate valuation of your investment . While it is true that cars depreciate heavily within the first year, some classic cars tend to appreciate in value.

However such cars are at a disadvantage for two reasons, they come with a major upkeep cost so you should be smart and sell such a car before expensive repairs start popping up.

Sports cars are known to be gas guzzlers and while your speedster might have many ardent fans, they’ll have a hard time taking it off your hands when fuel prices are high. Ensuring you have a fresh WoF, selling before your next registration is due and with time on the warranty period will all help your cause and offer you the better end of the bargain.

To Whom to sell your car?

While Kiwi Cash for Cars has some expert insights that are intended to help anyone make the best of their car sale, you know your car best. The successful sale of your car will largely depend on how well you have maintained it, the kilometers you have put on it and the type of car you are trying to sell.

We at Kiwi Cash for Cars however guarantee the best prices on the market no matter what the condition of your car. We offer up to $8999 in cash for cars. Give us a call on 021 837 591 for a FREE quote.