Cheap Battery and tyre for sale 20% OFF

A car battery is an important element of electrical equipment – along with a generator acts as a current source. Therefore, the choice of the battery must begin by checking the compliance of the main characteristics recommended by the car manufacturer. At Kiwi Cash For Cars, you can buy any type of car battery for very cheap prices.

We have car batteries for:

  • SUV
  • AWD & 4WD
  • Trucks
  • Vans

Sooner or later, every car owner is faced with the need to replace the battery. It is better to take care of this issue in advance since a worn-out battery can work reasonably well in the warm season, but it will inevitably fail with the onset of cold weather.

If you are looking to buy cheap battery, you are at the right place. At Kiwi Cash For Cars, you can buy cheap battery that fits your vehicle.

Cheap Tyres For Sale

There are many advantages of buying used tyres for your cars. Price is obviously the first criterion that makes a buyer go to used tires. Most of the tyres we sell have more than %50 tread left hence makes them very reasonable to buy at very cheaper prices compared to new ones.  Our experts at Kiwi Cash For Cars for used tires provide the following conditions:

  • all tires are washed, dried and placed on shelves. Irresponsible and careless handling of it will lead to premature aging of the material and loss of the properties necessary for tires;
  • a closed well-ventilated room is used for the warehouse. There is a control over the humidity inside it, because an excessive percentage of moisture also leads to a decrease in technical properties;
  • no flammable substances in stock where they can negatively affect the condition of tires;
  • in each set of tires, the required level of atmospheric pressure is maintained, which avoids unnecessary mechanical damage and varying degrees of deformation.

How to choose the right rubber

When choosing tires, it is worth considering such moments as:

  • brand of your car;
  • weather conditions and the area in which the product will be operated;
  • road conditions;
  • your driving style;
  • compliance with the sizes recommended by the manufacturer of the car;
  • The permissible noise level from tires;
  • desired manufacturer.

An important parameter when choosing tires is the ratio of “price-quality”. We offer to our customers used tyres just on the basis of the optimal indicator of this ratio. You just have to decide what season you want to buy a set of tires for – for winter or for summer, and then turn to our experts for free advice to determine the best option for your car! We will take into account all the necessary parameters and characteristics of the machine and offer the most suitable set of used tires at the best price throughout New Zealand.