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Car Wreckers Christchurch & Dismantling

Kiwi Cash for Cars is the leading car wrecker in Christchurch that gets you the most value for your wrecked, damaged, or accident car. Our expert wreckers & top notch yard allows us to wreck & recycle nearly 100 percent of cars. Contact us for an optimal way to sell your damaged, wrecked, or accident car.

Call 021 837 591.

Car Wreckers Christchurch

Kiwi Cash for Cars is the number one car wrecker company in Christchurch. You can get the best value for your used, wrecked, or damaged vehicle with no hidden fees or charges. Our wreckers are highly qualified and experienced professionals. We will give you a free quote within minutes.

Used car owners and lovers can be rest assured, when you contact Kiwi Cash for Cars, your used car will be put into good use. Our wrecker yard is of high quality and our wreckers are experts in their field. We wreck, recycle and reuse almost 100 percent of our vehicles.

Wrecked cars are valued according to what they have to offer in terms of reusable parts and recyclable material. Very much like a brand-new car, every damaged or wrecked vehicle will have a different value. Therefore, there is no fixed price on wrecked or damaged vehicles.

At Kiwi Cash for Cars however, we offer up to $8,999 on wrecked vehicles. The more your vehicle has to offer – the more it will be worth.

We Buy & Wreck Cars of All Makes & Conditions

Car Wrecker Christchurch

Car owners with cars of any condition can relax and know they are contacting a removal & wrecker in Christchurch that values cars of all makes & conditions to their fullest. Our company is built on trust, honesty, and integrity, and providing our customers with the best services the industry has to offer. We are known throughout Christchurch as the car buyer company that provides an optimal way to sell cars as we ensure the best services that are prompt and convenient, including:

  • Buy Wrecked, Damaged & Accident Cars of Any Condition – Whether your car is in perfect condition under the hood and has a wrecked body, or there are a few parts that need to be replaced, leaving that car inoperable, we’ll buy it. We buy wrecked, damaged, & accident cars of all conditions, including those at the end of their lives.
  • Free Car Wrecking – Our wrecking is more than pulling parts. We get optimal value from cars that are in disposal condition with our expertise in the wrecking and recycling industry. We have own wrecking yard in Christchurch that has the equipment and tools to wreck, and then recycle cars to their fullest.
  • Free Wrecked, Damaged, & Accident Car Removals – Your removal is always compliments of Kiwi Cash for Cars. We are your car removal company in Christchurch that provides our customers selling their cars to us with quick and convenient removals anywhere in town.
  • Free Paperwork – While we will require the title or scrap certificate for your car, we provide all the necessary legal paperwork so that the deal is legal. While in some cases we can accept the registration for the car, we prefer its title as no other documentation is necessary when the title is provided.
  • We Pay Cash for Wrecked, Damaged, & Accident Cars – Our services are not limited to buying scrap, damaged, and accident cars, but also in paying up to $8,999 cash for cars of all makes & conditions. Our customers don’t have to wait to get their cash payment in their hands. We pay on the spot when we arrive to buy & remove their car.

Kiwi Cash for Cars is a removal company in Christchurch that provides you the best way to sell your cars. Fast cash, prompt & convenient removals, free wrecking and recycling, and courteous services, all under one roof.

We Are

  • Toyota Wrecker
  • Honda Wrecker
  • Mitsubishi Wrecker
  • Audi Wrecker
  • BMW Wrecker
  • Subaru Wrecker
  • Volkswagen Wrecker

and all other brands, You name it we buy it.

How It Works

Kiwi Cash for Cars offers a fast & convenient way to get your car sold & removed:

  1. Contact us over the phone or online. We will require the make, model, year, and condition of your car to provide a quote.
  2. Accept or reject our offer.
  3. When a car owner accepts our Cash for Wrecked Cars quote, they will then be asked for a time convenient for them and for us to arrive to buy & remove their car.
  4. Count your cash.

With four simple steps, your wrecked, damaged, or accident car is sold & removed, leaving instant cash in your hand!

For more information on our car removal services, wrecking, or to obtain a quick cash quote up to $8,999 give us a call at the number below. Quotes are also provided through our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

Why sell to Kiwi Cash for Cars

Used vehicles that are roadworthy and in good condition are generally sold privately or to the dealers. However, Kiwi Cash for Cars will purchase your vehicle no matter what condition it is in or what make and model it is.

We want it no matter how old, damaged, scratched, or defective it is. If you don’t want it- we will take it!
We also offer free car pick up at a time and place that suits you best.

Kiwi Cash for Cars also cares for the environment! Our vehicles are stripped down, and all harmful chemicals and substances are removed. The vehicle is also cleaned and any parts it may possess that are reusable or operational are removed and stored.

The vehicle is then processed through the wrecker yard where the metal is crushed and recycled.

Don’t delay, your Wrecked Car is worth more today

Neglecting your used or damaged vehicle is never a good idea. As it sits there declining in appearance collecting dust and rust, its value and worth decline with it. The older a vehicle becomes does not necessarily mean it will be worth more. Especially if it is an unusable, undrivable and damaged older vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been declared unroadworthy, then your best option is to sell the vehicle for parts or the wreckers instantly.

The longer your vehicle is sitting there not being used, the more it will deteriorate. the more it deteriorates, the less it will be worth- even to the car wreckers.

In Just 3 Easy Steps

In just three simple steps you can say goodbye to your unwanted vehicle. How Kiwi Cash for Cars operate:

  1. Call 021 837 591 and get a free quote for your wrecked car
  2. Schedule a time and place where we can pick up your wrecked vehicle
  3. Kiwi cash for Cars will come collect your wrecked car (at the appointed time and place) and pay you on the spot cash for it
    Wave goodbye to your unwanted car and count your cash in hand!
    Don’t delay- contact us Today!
Contact Us

Call 021 837 591.

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    Customer Reviews

    I had a used car that I couldn’t get sold. A friend suggested Kiwi Cash for Cars. I called for a quote and was shocked. The price they had to offer was higher than most of the prospects that came to look at the car. I quickly accepted the offer, and just as quick they were to me with the cash in their hands to buy & remove my used car. Great company, wonderful service. Thank you, Kiwi.

    Victor Z.

    I would have never expected a car removal company to be so professional. Kiwi Cash for Cars provided me a quote over the phone, and the price quoted for my old Toyota, Corolla was one I quickly accepted! When their technician arrived to buy and remove the car, I didn’t expect such a courteous fellow. He was polite and professional, and thorough. All paperwork was provided by the technician, as well as a cash payment. Leaving me just as they advertise, counting my cash!

    Sara W.

    My used utility vehicle had been on the market for months. Aside from a few low ballers, there was no interest in the truck; A friend suggested that I contact Kiwi Car Removal. The company was quite impressive. No run-arounds for a fair price and they were quick to arrive to buy and remove the truck. Great people, great service!

    Tom F.

    Our 2004 Toyota Corolla was completely totalled in a car collision, and the thought of receiving cash for the car didn’t occur to me. When researching the best way to dispose of the car, we heard about Kiwi Car Removal. We called for a quote and was surprised at the price quoted. We agreed to sell the car to Kiwi, and they were quick to provide a free car removal and cash payment. Our experience with Kiwi was exceptional.

    Aaron T.