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Why People Sell Their Car For Scrap in New Zealand

Unwanted car owners consider selling their car for scrap in New Zealand for up to $8999 cash and there are many reasons. As vehicles gets old mechanical issues arise as well as the cosmetic issues such as Paint, Body damage and internal damage. Their owners would be calling the scrap yards, Why? Simply because that type car cannot be sold as a good condition and working vehicle and there is no demand for it in the market. Regardless if it’s an old ford or a late model BMW if it’s in such condition no one would be spending money.

Scrap Car Yards are No.1 Choice

Scrap yards are unwanted car owners first choice, the main reason is a car with cosmetic or mechanical issues simply cannot be sold to the public. Some might believe it’s an unethical and others don’t want to give their headache to someone else. So, their left with a vehicle nobody wants to drive anymore, if you dump it in the parking lot council might issue a fine or if you just give it away someone else might make money from it. The best option we’ve come up so far is to call companies that offers cash for car service such as Kiwi cash for cars or Metro Car Buyer which is mainly considers buying vehicles that are in good condition. You can expect to receive as much as $8999 depending on the type of car, make and model. It is believed such companies also offer free car removal service to avoid the hassle of taking your car to them. It saves time, money and you avoid the hassle of having strangers making low offers.

Have considered wrecking your car by yourself?

We get a lot questions regarding should I wreck the car for parts by myself or just call a wrecker. You might get good amount of money selling parts from your car, but the consequences might be severe. First, you might not know how to take out parts and end up injuring yourself. Only professionals can wreck a car for use parts. It requires a lot of tools which might not be available for you and to purchase tools for a one-time use will rise the cost. Experts believe it is best to use the service of car wrecking companies to avoid the hassle of injuring yourself, purchasing tools (it is expensive) and time consuming. No one can sell parts from their car within a week, it takes at least a month.

Did you know companies do charge to remove a car shell from your premises? The shell is not worth anything and reason why companies charge is:

  • Car shells damages the tray of trucks
  • The cost of fuel and time is higher
  • Current scrap metal is sold for $120 per tonne and shell only weighs average 500kg

To sell your car for cash to Kiwi cash for cars simply call:  021 837 591


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    Customer Reviews

    I had a used car that I couldn’t get sold. A friend suggested Kiwi Cash for Cars. I called for a quote and was shocked. The price they had to offer was higher than most of the prospects that came to look at the car. I quickly accepted the offer, and just as quick they were to me with the cash in their hands to buy & remove my used car. Great company, wonderful service. Thank you, Kiwi.

    Victor Z.

    I would have never expected a car removal company to be so professional. Kiwi Cash for Cars provided me a quote over the phone, and the price quoted for my old Toyota, Corolla was one I quickly accepted! When their technician arrived to buy and remove the car, I didn’t expect such a courteous fellow. He was polite and professional, and thorough. All paperwork was provided by the technician, as well as a cash payment. Leaving me just as they advertise, counting my cash!

    Sara W.

    My used utility vehicle had been on the market for months. Aside from a few low ballers, there was no interest in the truck; A friend suggested that I contact Kiwi Car Removal. The company was quite impressive. No run-arounds for a fair price and they were quick to arrive to buy and remove the truck. Great people, great service!

    Tom F.

    Our 2004 Toyota Corolla was completely totalled in a car collision, and the thought of receiving cash for the car didn’t occur to me. When researching the best way to dispose of the car, we heard about Kiwi Car Removal. We called for a quote and was surprised at the price quoted. We agreed to sell the car to Kiwi, and they were quick to provide a free car removal and cash payment. Our experience with Kiwi was exceptional.

    Aaron T.