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Sell Your Car for Cash in Christchurch

Kiwi Cash for Cars won’t make you wait to get cash in your hand for your unwanted car in Christchurch. We are the optimal way to sell your car. Get cash paid on the spot when we come to remove your car.

Call 021 837 591.

At Kiwi Cash for Cars, Sell Your Car for Instant Cash

Unwanted cars are a thing of the past when you call Kiwi Cash for Car. We make instant cash payments for your car of any make and condition. What do you have to do? Our buying system is very simple:

You contact our car appraiser to provide our appraiser with the make, model, year, and a complete description of your car so that we can provide you with a top dollar quote. We are different from other local car removal companies, and we are confident that you will choose us and accept our cash quote for your car.

Sell Your Car for Cash Up to $8,999

Car For Cash Christchurch

You won’t be turned away from a top dollar offer for your car of any make and condition. We will make you our best or highest cash offer of $8,999 when you contact us over the phone or online for a cash quote. We are your auto buyer that wants to provide you with the best cash offer in Christchurch, New Zealand. So much cash you could be counting $8,999 in your hand when we come to buy & remove your car. Call us or fill out our “Get a Quote” form at the top of this page.

We Buy Cars For Cash UpTo $8999

At Kiwi Cash for Cars, you don’t have to pay to have your scrap car removed. We’ll come to you to buy your car and remove it for free. We are a scrap car buyer in Christchurch that buys scrap cars to recycle the cars. With us, your old, damaged, or scrap car is recycled so that its steel and metals become valuable cash that is put into your hands!

We’ll Come to Remove Your Unwanted Car for Free

A free car removal and instant cash offer at Kiwi Cash for Cars are some of the assured services. We provide our customers with free car removals and instant cash payments for their cars of any make & condition. We are the car removal company in Christchurch that assures quick & convenient car removal services that leave instant cash in your hands.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Kiwi Cash for Cars, you have more than a car buyer that pays top dollars for your unwanted car. You have a car removal company that provides the following range of services:

  • Instant cash quotes – Get a top dollar quote for your car over the phone or online. Top dollars up to $8,999 cash.
  • Instant cash payments – You don’t wait to count your cash for your car. At Kiwi Cash for Cars, you sell your car for cash that is paid on the spot. No waiting, we come to you with cash in our hands.
  • Free car removals – Whether this side of Christchurch or that, you have a free car removal courtesy of Kiwi Cash for Cars.
  • Free car recycling – We are eco-friendly car recyclers that pay you as we recycle your car. Cash up to $8,999 is offered for the steel and metals we can recycle from your old, damaged, or scrap car at our wrecking yard.

For a quick quote or more information on our car removal services, contact us at the number below.

Contact Us

Call 021 837 591.

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    Customer Reviews

    I had a used car that I couldn’t get sold. A friend suggested Kiwi Cash for Cars. I called for a quote and was shocked. The price they had to offer was higher than most of the prospects that came to look at the car. I quickly accepted the offer, and just as quick they were to me with the cash in their hands to buy & remove my used car. Great company, wonderful service. Thank you, Kiwi.

    Victor Z.

    I would have never expected a car removal company to be so professional. Kiwi Cash for Cars provided me a quote over the phone, and the price quoted for my old Toyota, Corolla was one I quickly accepted! When their technician arrived to buy and remove the car, I didn’t expect such a courteous fellow. He was polite and professional, and thorough. All paperwork was provided by the technician, as well as a cash payment. Leaving me just as they advertise, counting my cash!

    Sara W.

    My used utility vehicle had been on the market for months. Aside from a few low ballers, there was no interest in the truck; A friend suggested that I contact Kiwi Car Removal. The company was quite impressive. No run-arounds for a fair price and they were quick to arrive to buy and remove the truck. Great people, great service!

    Tom F.

    Our 2004 Toyota Corolla was completely totalled in a car collision, and the thought of receiving cash for the car didn’t occur to me. When researching the best way to dispose of the car, we heard about Kiwi Car Removal. We called for a quote and was surprised at the price quoted. We agreed to sell the car to Kiwi, and they were quick to provide a free car removal and cash payment. Our experience with Kiwi was exceptional.

    Aaron T.