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Car Wrecker Canterbury

Sell Your Car to a Professional Car Wrecker: Christchurch


When planning to sell a car, it’s important to envision your priorities with respect to what you want to do. You may want to sell your car to a potential car buyer. But what you want to know is, there is not just one avenue that can be pursued for the sale of your car. Your car can be sold in multiple ways, namely:

  • To a professional car buyer
  • To a car dealership
  • To a friend or a relative
  • To a scrap car buyer
  • To a car wrecker
  • To a Car Removal Service
  • To a second-hand car seller

All these avenues have completely different benefits and demerits. If you are looking for someone who can buy your car without giving you too much trouble, the options might get cut short by a few options.

Car buyers who professionally buy cars, and car wreckers who buy cars to wreck them and use their auto parts, are the best options that you can look at, honestly. This is because the number of benefits that these high cash giving deals come with, is difficult to challenge by any private buyers, or even relatives. Read on to answer a few questions that we assume you might be curious about!

auto wrecker canterbury

Do you want to sell your car to a car wrecker in Christchurch? It’s honestly the easiest thing you can do!

The next question that pops up in the reader’s mind is, “But how?!”. Your answer is, Kiwi Cash for Cars!

Kiwi Cash for Cars is one of the best car removal services that pays top cash for scrap cars. It’s not just a car wrecker in Canterbury, but the best one! We buy cars, trucks and all other types of vehicles, irrespective of the condition it is in!


We Give You Instant Cash For Cars

We will buy your car, van, ute or trucks for cash up to $8999. The better news is that we will give you the cash INSTANTLY. Not tomorrow, not after a week, and not later. When we say instant, we mean as soon as the vehicle is picked up. Also, we have no hidden fees, no additional charges or any intention to dupe you or pay you lesser than you expect. We pay exactly the amount that we’ve offered to you during our first conversation. Nothing less, nothing more. Call us now to get your free quote today! 021 837 591

Canterbury Car Removal & Wrecker Services

Kiwi Cash for Cars is the No.1 Car Removal service in Christchurch. We have our advantages of being able to sell most of your car, by recycling it. We are automotive dismantlers and sell auto parts that are still functional, before wrecking the cars and other vehicles. This is great because we get enough cost for the vehicles to be able to give you a high cash amount for your old car. Ensuring the best possible use of such old vehicles is what makes our expert team the most important part of our business.

Sell Your Unwanted Vehicle in the Canterbury Region

When you call us for your old car, our team members will offer you top dollar for your unwanted car or unwanted vehicle, whether it’s dead or alive. As auto dismantlers, we ensure that we buy your car and offer you the price that will give you the full value of the car, not just the market price. We are car buyers in the Canterbury region and have access to all the suburbs in and around the region. As we also double-up as a car removal service, and we make sure we can serve our customers throughout the day. We are open all days of the week, between 7am to 5pm in South Island. But if you want to contact us on different hours, you can fill up our inquiry form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.


Get a Free Car Removal within 24 Hours!

Yes, our team will ensure we get to you before the end of the day and get your car out of your way as soon as we can. There’s absolutely no reason to wait more! Give us a call on 021 837 591 or fill up an online form for enquiry.


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    Customer Reviews

    I had a used car that I couldn’t get sold. A friend suggested Kiwi Cash for Cars. I called for a quote and was shocked. The price they had to offer was higher than most of the prospects that came to look at the car. I quickly accepted the offer, and just as quick they were to me with the cash in their hands to buy & remove my used car. Great company, wonderful service. Thank you, Kiwi.

    Victor Z.

    I would have never expected a car removal company to be so professional. Kiwi Cash for Cars provided me a quote over the phone, and the price quoted for my old Toyota, Corolla was one I quickly accepted! When their technician arrived to buy and remove the car, I didn’t expect such a courteous fellow. He was polite and professional, and thorough. All paperwork was provided by the technician, as well as a cash payment. Leaving me just as they advertise, counting my cash!

    Sara W.

    My used utility vehicle had been on the market for months. Aside from a few low ballers, there was no interest in the truck; A friend suggested that I contact Kiwi Car Removal. The company was quite impressive. No run-arounds for a fair price and they were quick to arrive to buy and remove the truck. Great people, great service!

    Tom F.

    Our 2004 Toyota Corolla was completely totalled in a car collision, and the thought of receiving cash for the car didn’t occur to me. When researching the best way to dispose of the car, we heard about Kiwi Car Removal. We called for a quote and was surprised at the price quoted. We agreed to sell the car to Kiwi, and they were quick to provide a free car removal and cash payment. Our experience with Kiwi was exceptional.

    Aaron T.